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cotton bag

Cotton Bags

Cotton Bag

Wholesaler of Eco-friendly bags made from cotton and jute , Printed cotton bag & plain cotton bags

We carry all types of fabric bags including cotton drawstring bags, jute and muslin bags, and burlap pouches. A pack of 10 strong cotton shopping carry bags, more environmentally friendly than the throw away plastic carrier bags you get at the supermarket.

We offer a wide range of different bag materials. To help you choose the right Fabric Eco Bag promote your business, we have put together a quick guide of what you can expect from each style. Whether you are purchasing wholesale bags off the shelf, or ordering a bespoke design, we have many different products available to help you find the perfect style.

Cotton Bag

Cotton bags are always popular as they are so quick and easy to print, and our wholesale cotton bags are ethically and fairly traded. Organic cotton bags are available, and we predominantly use pigment water based inks for printing, so they are guaranteed to be an environmentally friendly choice.


Bamboo might not seem like the most obvious material to make a bag from, but in fact these bags combine a surprising softness with serious strength. Bamboo is a great eco-friendly option as it is a sustainable material, and as an added bonus, bamboo bags are also naturally resistant to both mould and bacteria.


Canvas is an excellent choice if you are looking for bags that will last. Tough and durable, canvas bags can be trusted to maintain their shape whatever they are used to carry. Having your design printed on these sturdy bags will ensure that your brand is on show for years to come.


Jute has been used for centuries thanks to its hard wearing fibers, and these bags certainly look the part with their natural eco appearance. These bags are made to last, and can be made even tougher by adding rope handles and lamination inside to make them waterproof.

Woven bags

Woven or \’PP\’ (polypropylene) bags offer a style that can be completely customized to fit with your brand. Your design can be printed over the whole of the bag surface, in a range of vibrant colors to create an eye-catching product.

Non-woven bags

NWPP (non-woven polypropylene) is a lightweight material frequently used to create supermarket \’bags for life\’, as it is 100% recyclable. NWPP is just one step away from the bio-based plastics at the best end of the Greenpeace pyramid of plastics. Available in a variety of colours and in any size, reusable non-woven bags are as stylish as they are long-lasting.

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